"Mucho antes del anochecer
entra en tu casa quien cambió un saludo en la oscuridad
mucho antes de amanecer
y enciende, antes de irse, un sueño,
un sueño resonante de pasos,
le oyes medir las lejanías
y hacia allí lanzas tu alma"

Paul Celan

El que espera abre, no la puerta
la espera,
el espacio del otro
lugar de su aparición

Hugo Mugica 

Photographic Project: "Waiting"  from Elvira Favario

This work takes place in a residence that assists under-aged mothers with low economic resources, so that they can live with their children until they are grown-ups.
 It was carried out during 2005 and 2006.

This work arises from the relationship I started between these women and their children, teaching them basic concepts of information technology.
 This teaching process allowed me to establish other bonds with them. It was then when I started using my camera.

I found out that through the art of photography they  came across their identities, they regained their own place in this world, they recovered and materialized forgotten rites, they recorded different stages of life. Pictures turned them into human beings, giving us the chance to come closer to their intimacy.

This experience determines the development of this project which started by openly exposing their faces, but after several recommendations it was settled that their eyes should not be seen.
 Their glances should not be registered.
 The lens was one more element in the constant game we kept.

The project's name is "Waiting", based on "The Guest" by Paul Celan and "Poetry from the Emptiness" by Hugo Mujica.

"The man who waits does not open the door
 But the waiting
 The place of  the other
 The place of its apparition
 Closing doors"